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So, I don't know if anyone has been in the same boat, but I'd love to hear any helpful tips if you have any. With my first baby I lost the weight by about 7-8 weeks. With the second (he's 9 almost 10 months now) and I gained less wih him and actually was pretty much back to normal by 6 weeks! Over the last few months I have all of a sudden gotten that "spare tire" and belly fat back. I don't eat anymore then I have...I actually eat heather (more vegetables etc and more conscious of what I eat) and I also ride my bike as often as possible and do some work out videos. Nothing is working and it is really bugging me. I'd like to lose about 15 lbs and have no idea why I can't even lose a few lbs! Getting so self conscious
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Re: Help with fat

  • Are you nursing? Weaning? Those are the only explanations I can think of for a sudden 15 pound weight gain without any change in diet/exercise. Otherwise, maybe have your thyroid checked?
  • It's awesome that you've been eating well and exercising :) That takes a lot of commitment and I'm sure at the very least your body feels a lot better. Unfortunately, weight loss is really hard if you're not getting enough sleep. And with little kids, it can be really tricky to get enough sleep. Just keep doing what you're doing, be patient, and enjoy the fact that your body physically feels a lot better from eating right and exercising. There are so many more benefits to a healthy lifestyle than appearance. I like to eat healthy too, and it's important to have gratitude that you're able to maintain that lifestyle at all. A lot of people don't have access to proper nutrition and they aren't taught the importance of an active lifestyle. I'm sure your body is healthy, which is way more important than having a "perfect" body. Hope this helped :)
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  • I'd count calories with a calorie counter...Both my husband and I have had a lot of success this way....sometimes you just don't realize how much calories you are taking in with the amount of energy you are using.  Good luck!
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