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game winner gift etiquette?

So at a shower if we do games and there is a winner do they get a gift to take home or something to "gift" to the new mom/baby? I've seen it done both ways just not sure which one is correct? ?

Re: game winner gift etiquette?

  • Yeah I don't get that "custom." If the prizes are really gifts fir the mom-to-be, then wrap them up and give them to her as gifts. But if they are rewards for winning the games, then they should go to the winners, And if you don't feel like doing prizes at all, then you totally don't have to.
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  • The winner gets the prize. 
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    The winner should get to keep the prize.  I don't understand the point of having to give it to the mom.  If you're going to do that, then just give them as gifts and skip over the whole game thing all together!  (Trust me, most people will NOT be upset to not have games).
  • I think it's weird to give them to the mom.  I did a shower and just got mason jars and went to the dollar store and got pedicure kits (nail polish, clippers, files, etc) and put them in them in the mason jars as gifts for the winners.  It was super cheap but still a small gift for the winners.
  • My sense is that this is regional.  Where I'm from (Mid-Atlantic) the winner of the game takes home the prize as an extra favor.  I once co-hosted a shower in which the grandma to be was from a southern state, and she insisted on giving the gift to the MTB, stating that this is always how it's done at her home.
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  • Interesting. I've never heard of giving the gift to the mom. Here in NY, the game winners take their prizes home.
  • The winner may CHOOSE to give the gift to the MTB but it shouldn't be expected. I won a prize at my cousins bridal shower - some nice pans. Later she saw them on my table and commented what a nice brand they were. I'm not a baker (because then I'll eat it - I can bake wonderfully) and she is a huge baker. I just quietly put them on the table of opened gifts before I left. She did write about me doing that in her thank you note - so she definitely noticed (not that I did it for recognition, I just thought they'd get much more use if she had them). But no one expected me to do this. Everyone would have been just as happy if I took them home.
  • At my work shower the prize was a baby toy to give to me. (I'm in TX) This was the first time I'd ever heard or seen this done. I think it is an old, outdated, strange custom. I felt kind of embarrassed for the prize winner, she was so excited to win and then was confused when she opened up a baby toy. Give the prize to the winner!
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  • @Designermomma that definitely seems like it would be super awkward. It's not even like she had a choice!!! Weird!

  • I am in Texas, also and it is common (at least on my Husband's side of the family) to make it a baby toy for the mom/baby to be. I really don't like that, at all, though. I threw my SIL a shower and made the prizes GC's for the winners. They got to choose a gift card from multiple options. I understand not everyone can afford much for prizes but I really don't get wrapping something just to give it to someone to give to someone else (especially since our mom's-to-be our often heavily involved in the planning and therefore are participating in wrapping the present to give to someone to be given back to them...)
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  • For what it's worth, I'm in Georgia and have never heard of giving the gift to the MTB. It's always a small gift to the actual game winner.
  • I have never heard of giving the pregnant woman the prize when someone wins a prize. What's the point? It isn't a prize or gift at all in that case and the game is pointless. (because really, they usually aren't very fun)

    I can't say which is correct because that might be different depending on who or where you are but I can say give the prize to the winner.
  • Prizes should go to the winner. They took the time to come to the shower and probably spent money on a gift. Let them get something out of it, even if it is some cheap little present lol
  • I won 2 games at the last shower I went to, and I got both the gifts. In hind sight, I maybe should have given 1 to someone else, but whatevs. I won fair a square!!!  Why would you give the MTB the gift? That's weird as heck. 
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