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Gentle Sleep "Training"

My Lo is almost 6 months and we have been having sleep problems since 3.5 months. I'm not an advocate for sleep training, CIO, or any harsh methods AT ALL but I am considering something gentle. He doesn't sleep very well at all and in turn isn't getting the rest he needs. His bedtime is all over the place because a lot of the time he just refuses to sleep. He takes 20 minutes naps unless I'm right there to offer the boob lol. Just looking for very gentle recommendations anyone has actually used that worked. Thanks!!

Re: Gentle Sleep "Training"

  • Oh and not really looking to get him to sttn but just sleep on his own.
  • It might help to read a book or 2, like No Cry Sleep Solution for example, but whatever you decide, you HAVE to be 100% consistent night after night or it won't work.

    I personally believe any sort of sleep training will involve tears and for me, it's hard to hear it but I know it's going to pay off for both the baby and the parents. I don't think it will scar your child for life if he cries a little before going to sleep.

    I didn't actually read a book with either of my kids but I would get them ready for bed with a consistent routine, leave the room and if they didn't stop crying, I would come back and do "checks" at usually 5, 10, 15 minute intervals. Luckily both kids didn't cry for longer than about 15 minutes.

    Do what you feel comfortable with but always be consistent. Babies and kids thrive on routine and consistency. Good luck!

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