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Dog stepped on my stomach!!!!

I was laying across the couch and my dog decided to walk over me and stepped on the lower left side right next to my bone near the hurt for a minute and I'm feeling the baby move around in there a little.but this is really freaking me out! I hope everything is fine :/

Re: Dog stepped on my stomach!!!!

  • Great Dane? Chihuahua? I totally get the feeling of concern, but keep in mind that you're in a good part of pregnancy to ensure cushion for baby. If you feel pain and greater concern tomorrow, you might call for advice (OB), but they won't be able to change anything (they might offer good peace of mind!). Hopefully you gave that pup a stern talking to and you're resting easy tonight knowing that LO is kicking away!
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  • She's a 10 month old border collie and weighs about 35 pounds. @LiveNLove44. No pain as of now just concerned :/
  • My 50lb black lab decided to be more spazy one morning and jumped on the bed and stepped all 50lbs directly in the middle of my cramped up a bit and I felt baby moving a lot. After adrenaline kicked in and I was able to push him off of me, he knew he did something wrong and is a lot more cautious when jumping around now. I was scared too but read some forums and it says there's a lot of cusion around him to keep him safe.
  • I wouldnt worry too much if I were you. We take our pup to the doggy park here pretty often and some of the dogs like to jump up to humans they recognise. My belly has been punted by full grown labradors, german shephers, and even a saint bernard! Baby is completely fine and doing great in there. Definitely a safe place for baby to be ;)
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  • Anytime I'm at my mom's, her 30 lb Boston terrier walks on my belly all the time. Her rat terrier and Boston terrier love to wake me up by fighting on me.
    It's uncomfortable, but Baby has been okay in there so far.
    I actually fell last night, ended up doing a split in some mud on my way out the movies. I've been a little anxious since then, but I've checked Baby's heartbeat with my Doppler a few times, and I can feel him move around in there once in a while. I know he's okay, but now I'm just being an anxious mama.

  • I wouldn't worry. My German shepherd is a BIG boy and he is still learning not to jump. My baby would have been in trouble a looooong time ago if it weren't for that cushioning we have going on.
  • Don't worry about it!  I asked my OB about my son getting rough on my tummy and he said if that was enough to hurt the baby there would be no younger siblings.

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  • Thanks everyone! All your responses are making me feel better!!
  • My cats full one pounce on my stomach everyday. Granted they are only 12 pounds but it still hurts when they come flying out of nowhere and land on my stomach.

    Not to be tmi but my fiancé and I still have sex with him on top and he's almost 280. That can be uncomfortable and painful when he doesn't support himself well enough and then I'm gasping for air and pushing him off.

    As PP'S have said, I wouldn't worry unless you have continued or worsening pain.
  • I find I'm hitting my belly on things all the time now! And my cats walk on my stomach all the time and it's uncomfortable but baby seems ok. I'd prob get scared if my big dog walked on my belly too but if baby is moving around I'm sure baby's ok
  • When I was pregnant with my son (now 6), my then three year old daughter decided to leap on my belly and my son has turned out normal and was perfectly healthy.

    I am not comparing my daughter to a dog, but it's surprising just how safe our little bubba's are inside. I hope that you're feeling well soon, I know the worried feeling well xo
  • My parents 14-lb miniature dachshund climbed all OVER my belly when I was pregnant with DS. DS is now 33 lbs and likes to belly flop onto my belly even though I've told him not to and baby is still fine.

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  • My 75lb golden retriever has laid on her side and power kicked me know the stomach a few times (I was asleep and it's how she starts her stretching). Unless you notice something unusual or the pain gets worse I wouldn't worry about it.

    If they didn't have so much padding in there I'd need to be locked in a bubble because of my clumsiness!
  • rue:Drue:D member
    One of my mini schnauzers sometimes uses my body as a springboard. Hurts when he does it but the babies are fine so I'm not too worried! Call your doctor if you feel pain the next day.
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    My parents have a 40 lb Siberian Husky who's only a year and still very much a puppy. He always jumps on me ugh, like right on my belly- not my back or not my arms/legs (well.... he is my height....) So far baby has been great, still kicking in there, all my Dr. visits are right on. I'm sure your baby is alright in there ;) 

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