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17 weeks and not showing):

should I worry? I'm 17 weeks and I'm not showing this is my first but honestly I just feel fat and like there's no baby. Haven't felt it love yet either. At least no movement I can feel.

Re: 17 weeks and not showing):

  • It's still early and if it's your first baby you probably won't feel movement for another few weeks.  I'm a 2nd time mom at 19weeks 3days and no adorable baby bump yet either.  I started showing with my first around 7 or so months. 
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  • I am now 19 weeks and seemed to have gotten a bump overnight in my mid-18 week time frame.

    Don't worry! Everyone is a little different!
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    Ftm's typically don't show or feel the baby move until around or after 20 weeks. This topic comes up a lot here, so we like to recommend using the search function. It'll help you feel better to see how many others are having the same feelings as you. Relax and feel better, this is not a reason to be concerned.
  • As long as your doctor appointments have been going well, you are fine and it is not uncommon to not show or feel movement early with a first. I am a FTM and didn't feel my daughter move until 17w and its still just here and there. I was one of those that did show early. You should be having your anatomy scan coming up soon and will get to see your little one! That is such an exciting time! 

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