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Baby Bump Shrinking

i may be crazy but I woke up this morning at 14+1 and I swear my belly is smaller than before. It's been steadily getting bigger since 10 weeks especially after eating but today it looks really small even after having breakfast. I'm a FTM so I don't know if this is normal or not. Could I just be less bloated now? I'm a little worried and would love to hear if anyone else had this now or in pervious pregnancies. TIA.

Re: Baby Bump Shrinking

  • Sounds Normal! Could be less bloat, or maybe things shifted around inside... Never know! If you're concerned you can call your OB but my guess (as a random internet stranger) is that it's all fine. when the baby gets bigger, your bump will change size and shape depending on the movements of the baby :) it's creepy but oh so fun!

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  • Mine too! I'm 12w and I assume it's just the bloat shrinking.

  • That's why I don't take any bump photos until second tri. The bloat could be misleading.
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  • Thanks ladies for your responses. Needed to hear it to know it's normal cause it scared me a bit.
  • I had more of a "bump" at 5 weeks than I do now at 15. I was very bloated initially & I'm not really showing yet (this is my 1st). Also I lost 2 lbs. during my 1st trimester, which midwife says is normal. My guess is you prob had baby bloat that is starting to subside, hence the decrease in your bump.
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    Yep I'm going through this at 15 weeks, it's because of bloat, I've been eating healthier, less salty things now that I'm feeling better and noticed my "baby bump" is smaller! Funny how that works ;-)
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