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I know there have been posts on this hospital before, but none are very recent.
Can you please tell me your experience giving birth at jersey shore university medical center. I'd like to know how open they are to natural birth and moving and during labor. I'd like to know if they allow your baby to stay with you or if they take them away.

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  • I have the same exact questions! My doctor won't talk to much about it yet since I'm only 10 weeks, but I really want to know what's it's like there otherwise I may opt to go to monmouth medical its a little further but I've heard a lot of good for them versus Jersey shore.
  • I delivered at Jersey Shore.  I honestly loved it!  I didn't end up with the birth plan I had hoped for (needed an emergency C-section), so I can't answer you on the natural birth (I was shooting for one), being able to walk the halls, etc, but the staff was amazing!  My baby's HR kept dropping dangerously low and they moved very quickly.  I live in Toms River and opted to deliver there.  Nothing but good things to say about them.
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    Can you ladies suggest an OB or Midwives office that you like? We are new to NJ and I am 7 weeks along. I had an OB but they don't deliver at Jersey Shore so we are switching. 
  • I haven't given birth yet but I went on the hospital tour last month. They allow the baby to stay with you as long as the baby is healthy. They don't take the baby away.
  • I delivered at Jersey Shore in January and will be delivering my twins there in January again. I cannot answer your question about a natural birth bc I had a scheduled CSection due to breech position and will have another CSection due to my pregnancies being back to back and multiples.

    I use Jersey Shore OBGYN and love 2 of the doctors there. The hospital experience itself was okay. I had a difficult time recovering from my c section due to bad reactions from all the meds and extremely low blood pressure so my experience was a bit different.

    I will say that the nurses were all wonderful and I was able to keep my DD with me all the time. The food is absolutely terrible so make sure people bring you some!

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  • I use jersey shore ob/gyn, too. I love them. I delivered my twins at JSUMC in January.
  • I delivered my baby there, they are really nice and they are baby friendly that mean that if your baby is healthy they will give it to you right away to favorite breastfeeding ( if you choose to breastfeed) and they leave your baby with you, it's what they told me but my baby had to go to the necu so I did not experiment that.
  • I had the first natural water birth in their birthing tub at Jersey Shore! I also had my second natural water birth there! It was a fantastic experience! They let me keep baby with me both times. The first time I was out on day 3 (gave birth at 3:08am on Monday and went home Thursday morning) my second time I went home 2 days later. The staff was incredible! Loved it there
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