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special needs..possible club feet

Not 100% yet but there is a suspicion my son may have clubbed feet. Looked like a possibility in my ultrasound today... Hopefully it was the way he was positioned but I wanted your experiences.. Hope..and strength shared with me.

Re: special needs..possible club feet

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    My little cousin was born with both of his feet clubbed. He ended up having casts on both feet and legs, had one on for 6-8 weeks, and another for 4-5 and one more time for 2-4 weeks. He is now 2.5 years old and super active, constantly running. He hasn't had any problems since !!
  • My mother had clubbed feet she's turned out just fine and that was over 40 years ago. She even was vary activate in sports. I wouldn't worry too much I no she had cast on her legs till she was one but my grandmother said it mad everyone love her more
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  • Our friends daughter was born with them, and after the casts, she has been like any other kid. She is 16 now, has played many sports (including soccer and water polo), and has never had an issue. 
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