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Huntsville - Crestwood vs. Huntsville Hospital

I've heard positive things about both of these hospitals, but when I look at the prices estimates from my insurance company, it looks like Crestwood's facilities are drastically more expensive than Huntsville Hospital. Can anyone verify this?

Re: Huntsville - Crestwood vs. Huntsville Hospital

  • For example, I used Castlight to compare the cost of the two facilities before insurance. It shows Crestwood facilities charges approximately 17K, whereas Huntsville hospital charges approximately 7K.
  • I am not sure about the price difference. I had both of my boys at Crestwood. I had different insurance for each , so my co-pay was different. I loved Crestwood because I felt it was more secure. In HH you can walk right onto the floor and visit any room. Crestwood, you have to be buzzed back after providing the name of a patient you are seeing. 

    I will be looking into this. My OB does not deliver at Crestwood anymore, so it looks like I will have to choose HH. I don't want to, and I still have time to research.
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  • Crestwood is going to be more expensive because it is a private hospital. That said depending on your insurance it should cover everything and all you would have to pay are the copays/deductibles associated with your plan. 

    There are pros/cons to both hospitals. I would take a tour to see which one you prefer.

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