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Therapy after miscarriage

Has anyone been to a therapist after miscarriage? With my first loss it was my first pregnancy and I took it very hard. I cried everyday for months. I didn't start to feel better until I got pregnant again 3 months later. I'm considering going to a therapist this time. I go back to my doctor this Friday and I'm almost positive of the outcome. I'm just preparing myself and thought that going to therapy would help me heal faster. Has anyone gone after miscarriage and do you feel it helped you?

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  • My husband and I went, but our therapist never really addressed our loss. It was more marriage counseling, but now that I think about it that probably had a lot to do with our problems afterwards! It never hurts to talk to someone, though. If you don't like them, then you can just find a new one. That's what I'd do if we ever went back.
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    I'm actually going to a therapist tonight after work. I had a missed miscarriage and D&C the beginning of April my baby should have been 12wks, but stopped growing at 9.5wks just a few days after our ultrasound and am so wrapped up with worry that I thought they might be able to suggest some tools to de-stress. Some days I am okay, but I'm still struggling and thought it may be time to get some outside help. My cousin did suggest that if I was going to see a therapist I might try calling an infertility clinic in my area for suggestions, they have people they use that understand everything we have gone through, and might be able to help us grieve better. edit: added suggestion at bottom
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  • @PlainJane8350 Yes miscarriage can really strain your marriage. It did mine the first time. I felt like he didn't care like I did. I'm trying not to let it happen this time around.

    @bntfroggie I know the feeling. Sometimes I'm laughing at something my daughter says or does and two seconds later I'm crying my eyes out. It's an emotional roller coaster.

    Thank you both for the advice. I think I am going to go.
  • My husband isn't a talker, but when he did talk he did say exactly that. Not in a bad way, but since it's our bodies it is different for us. This is the first time I'd thought about that therapist, but now that I think about it I can't believe that she never addressed our loss. What ended up helping me was getting answers, then doing (what I could) moving forward. I'm sorry that anyone has to be a part of our little club, but it is nice to talk to people who can relate. Thinking of both of you today and, bntfroggie, good luck tonight!
  • I did see a therapist and it helped. I could say anything without feeling judgement. She made me acknowledge the losses and celebrate the lost babies. :)

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  • I am very pro-therapy (daughter of a psychiatrist and psychologist). I saw someone for a few months after my loss. It helped some but not as much as getting pregnant again did. My husband and I also joined a community bible study and that was really nice, too.
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  • I didn't but I think it's a fabulous idea! I think talking about things can't hurt and might make moving forward a little easier
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