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I really love my obgyn Dr. Conti in Alabaster but I have never heard of anyone raving over their delivery at Shelby hospital like they do about Brookwood or St. Vincent's. Has anyone had an experience there? Good or bad.

Re: Shelby Baptist Hospital

  • I haven't delivered at Shelby but I've had a lot of bad experiences there. Do your research on the hospital and their policies as well as the doctors. 

    Our experiences were with the ER. (ie: not treating my daughter with anything but Tylenol and not taking her seriously when she was in pain (turned out to be appendicitis.) then giving me penicillin when I am allergic and had clearly told them repeatedly I am allergic. They put it in my iv). 
  • I was referred to Dr conti by my doctor in Houston (we moved when I was 32 weeks) and I had a horrible experience with that office. Then when I went over to the hospital I knew I was going to have to find someone else cause I was not delivering at Shelby Baptist. I don't have good expectations for county hospitals. Everyone I talked to said the same thing. I'm going to UAB and it's so much cleaner, nicer etc . Just my opinion though. Good luck!!
  • Dr. Conti is my doctor and I love her! I delivered ar Shelby 6 weeks ago and I had a wonderful experience! The rooms are spacious and newly renovated. I LOVED all of my nurses day and night and the quality of care that they gave me (I had a last minute c-section). It was my first baby and I am so pleased with everything!!
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