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Looking to meet other San Diego Moms

I'm new to San Diego and looking to meet other local moms! I just signed up to take a prenatal yoga class and wanted to spread the word in case anyone wants to join me! Here is the info:

Prenatal Yoga- Tuesdays 6pm-7pm – Yoga Arts in Point Loma

When: Starts Tuesday June 2nd @6pm; Cost – $17 drop in or $90 for 6 classes

This weekly class is a retreat for expecting mamas! Learn how to stretch and nourish the growing body, bond with your baby, find relaxation and prepare your mind and body for your upcoming labor. You will learn important breathing and meditation techniques as well as how to alleviate common pregnancy discomforts with yoga.

Space is limited. Email to reserve your spot!

Re: Looking to meet other San Diego Moms

  • ZingsZings member
    Hi! I'm looking to meet other moms too! I'm due in November. Have you looked at meetup groups? There's one for for 2015 moms that looks fun. I haven't been able to make any events but they are pretty active.
    I can't do this particular class but I do love yoga.
  • Yes, I have joined a couple of groups on Meetup! The class was great and lots of really nice expecting moms! The class was just what I needed, lots of postures to help with aches and pains, aromatherapy, meditation and little neck and shoulder massage- I didn't want the class to end! Looking forward to this week and she said has a couple spots left for this class!
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  • I'm posting this on a couple of the recent active discussions to try to generate some interest. Started a fb group for SD moms to make it easier to connect, pm me with your email address for an invite if you're interested!
  • @Drey329 I'm interested, but not ready to make my pregnancy public for another 3 weeks
  • @bjorkdork I totally understand. I actually made it a "secret" group so nothing will ever show up on your activity or others' newsfeeds. But if you still want to wait, totally fine!
  • @Drey329 awesome! I didn't know you could do that with Facebook! I'll pm you :-)
  • I'd like to meet other SD mom's too. I haven't announced to many people yet and would like to keep It that way. My email is
    1st child DOB 9/3/02

    SO and I met 6/25/06

    Married 9/2/12

    Due date 1/16/16 with our twins!
  • Please email me too! Not announcing til jan or feb as not due til late July! We are out in La Mesa!
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