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Disney World while pregnant?

I'm going to a conference in Orlando in July, and I extended my trip with friends, before I knew I was pregnant. I love roller coasters and exciting, thrilling rides, but since I won't be able to go on those I am debating if it's worth it to stay there, or head to the coast to relax on the beach (where we'll stay with friends). I'll be 13 weeks when I'm there. Has anyone been there while pregnant? What was your experience? I just don't want to spend all that money, just to spend the whole time wishing I could go on the fun rides.

Re: Disney World while pregnant?

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    There are definitely rides and events you will be able to go on, just not the really wild ones. I would totally go (but I'm a Disney freak!) so it all depends on what you really want!
  • We will be there this summer too, I'll be about 16 weeks. Since we are taking our 2.5 yr old I'm most excited to see him engage with everything since DH and I have been there on our own a bunch of times. I'm mostly worried about the heat! Hoping to hit the parks early, back to the rental house and relax by the pool mid day, then back to parks at night.
    You could pamper yourself at Disney spas and eat great food!
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  • Had trip planned to universal found out I was preggo and changed it to seaworld:). No coasters here!
  • Given the heat, I would stay near the pool at a resort/hotel or go to the beach. We've already had temps in the high 90s in Florida this May.
  • If I were you I wouldn't go to the parks. I live in south Florida and it is soooo freaking hot. Orlando doesn't have much of a breeze either, and it's just miserable in the summer. All of the walking and standing around sucks in the heat, so I couldn't imagine it being pregnant. You could always go in the shops and restaurants to cool off, though. That's my two cents
  • It certainly will be a bummer not to be able to enjoy all of the rides, but just remember it is for the greater good! Enjoy yourself at the pool or pick rides that you are able to go on wishing you the best. (:
  • We are going around first of July. I will be 10 weeks and plan on riding most of the rides bc we will be at magic kingdom for 2 days and they are pretty easy. I think the heat is the most concerning as pp said. I take frozen water bottles in our cooler with wash clothes to help keep us all cool.

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  • I'm leaving for Disney tomorrow. I usually go a few times a year due to a family member working there. Sadly they will be moving out of Florida soon so no more trips after this one.
  • It's all about the right park! Epcot is fantastic for you, or any non-riders. There are cultural things to see and while it is a lot of walking, Disney is good about keeping its patrons cool whether it's the mist they spray off buildings or the inside attractions having AC. I'd say go have a blast!

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  • We live in Orlando & have FL resident passes. We go with our 2yo son, so no roller coasters for us. There are lots of rides/shows at all 4 parks that are pregnant-friendly. And lots of great places to eat too. I think you should go and have fun! Just bring plenty of water and sunscreen. :)
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  • EmXaEmXa member
    There are a whole bunch or rides and shows you can enjoy while pregnant. As well any ride that isn't safe for pregnancy will have a sign stating so. I agree EPCOT is great for pregnant ladies, lots of stolling around, stores and quiet rides.
    If it is very hot there are certain rides in each park that are quite long and give you a good chance to sit down and cool off for a good chunk of time, Ellens Energy Adventure in EPCOT, Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom, The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios, Finding Nemo the musical in Animal Kingdom. Do a little research and you will still have an amazing time.
    I think the thing that would suck for me would be not being able to enjoy all the amazing drinks and flights.
  • We will be at Disney June 28th - July 4. I am a little bummed about not getting to ride the roller coasters as I love them and this will be a first for our family, our kids 11, 10, & 8 have never been on a roller coaster or to Disney World. We are still going and are going to have a blast. I will be 11 weeks when we go.
  • Disney parks are full of shows, gentle and cruise-type rides (not great for sickness but fine otherwise), great restaurants and shops and sights, and it can be a tonne of fun if you're there with friends. 

    I would absolutely go and have a blast. But Disney is expensive so you have to decide if it's worth the money for you if your friends are going to want to jump on fast coasters all day. 
  • My Fiance and I got annual passes RIGHT before we found out we are pregnant lol. It's entirely up to you if you want to go. There are shows and slow rides that you can go on, if you enjoy Disney the way we do. If you're not into it, don't waste the money. Wait until you can really enjoy the thrill rides. Good luck!
  • This is my second pregnancy. Normally i love the heat but last year when I was 17 weeks we did a caribbean cruise and the heat made me sick being outside for more than 15 minutes. Everyone is different but you may not handle the heat and extensive crowds well while pregnant. My husband is there for a conference now, and I chose to stay home for those two reasons.
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  • We already had our Disney trip planned for my family. We are still going and I will be about 5/6 months pregnant in September. It is hot in Florida but we love it! I wouldn't be able to go on most rides do to vertigo anywAys... Good luck. And enjoy your vacation!
  • l4rkl4rk member
    I just confirmed that Splash Mountain is not safe for pregnancy, so I'd skip Disney World. Ahahaha. (No, seriously.)
  • I'm going tomorrow! Ask your doctor what you can ride. You may be surprised. During my last pregnancy in 2013, I was told I could ride space mountain at 10 weeks. I'm taking my 4 year old and plan to ride everything she can go on.
  • I will be there the week of June 29th to July 3rd and I will be 10 wks. Imo, there is a lot to do even if you can't do the coasters. I would say go for it! Disney is a magical place!!
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