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On the edge of passing out..

This morning I got up like any other morning. I went pee, and Got some water. I started breakfast, which was delicious eggs, hashbrowns and ham.
As I was making it, I felt very dizzy. My head got cloudy and I started over heating. As someone whose passed out before, I knew that's where it was heading.
I took my bottle of water and went to my bed and laid there. I had the AC on me, and I was drinking my water. I laid there until I felt well enough to go finish cooking.
It hasn't happened again, an today was the first day I've felt that way.
I'm 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I am not dehydrated, I make sure of that. Living in Texas an being pregnant, I make sure to drink my fluids. I've gone longer periods of time without food and never felt that way. It wasn't too hot in the kitchen, as I was standing right in front of the AC unit.
I have no idea what brought it on.

My mother is hypoglycemic. (Basically pre diabetic) and I know pregnancy can bring these things on..
Is this dizzy spell something worth mentioning to the doctor next week when I go in?

Re: On the edge of passing out..

  • Hello ,
    I too have been having dizzy spells especially in the morning. I try to take my time getting up in the morning. Showers are the absolute worst because of the heat and humidity. I've had to get out early to avoid passing out . Now I never get in before breakfast. I read somewhere that dizziness could be due to the increase in blood demands for the new baby . We need to catch up on blood production for the little one. I haven't asked the MD about it yet but it seems to be a common symptom. Hope it gets better for us soon !
  • Are you taking a prenatal? You could be anemic ... And as the baby begins to grow your iron stores can get ultra low.
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  • Hello dirty lurker from December 2015 here!

    I'd say it is most definitely worth mentioning to the doctor! I've always had low blood pressure but since getting pregnant it's dropped crazy low (lowest being 60/40) and leading to passing out frequently. The precursor symptoms for me have been exactly as you describe, dizzy and extremely hot, but also tingly like my whole body fell asleep. I'm not saying this is definitely what you have, because I know passing out is common just from pregnancy alone but no matter what it is its a great idea to get your doctor involved in figuring it out.

    Hopefully it's nothing but you don't want to leave something like this out.

    Good luck!!
  • Hey there! This is my 3rd pregnancy but the first time I've gotten dizzy spells. My b/p is normal..actually lower than usual and I checked my blood sugar today at work-normal.. My heart rate was 90-100 so a little tachycardic. I've read that it's common with pregnancy d/t blood pooling and not circulating to the heart properly at times. But being a nurse I still checked so it doesn't hurt for your doc to check. Hope it passes for you and I as our babies grow!
  • After my first pregnancy I was diagnosed anemic and with insomnia. It was 3 years ago. I figured it cleared up. Plus I haven't had any issues with it until now.

    I will mention it to my doctor next week.

    I do take prenatals. But come to think, I didn't last night.. But I don't think just last night would make me this way today. I've missed a day before and never felt this.

    Just a little concerning, as I don't want to pass out. Wanna hit this head on.
  • While dizziness is normal, this sounds extreme. I might check in with your doctor just in case.
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  • I have had the same thing. For me it is the low blood pressure- bub requires a lot of extra bloodto be produced! I manage it by taking it easy, especially in the mornings. Keep the fluids up (as you have been doing!). My mum also had the same issue due to low blood pressure- she passed out in the supermarket! Nothing gives you peace of mind as much as going to the doctors though. It may be the same cause for you, and may not. I think the symptoms arent so bad/scary when we know whats causing them, how to manage them, and that theyre just part and parcel of pregnancy, not anything to worry about :) goodluck! Xo
  • ashs88ashs88 member
    I haven't had light-headedness with this pregnancy yet, but it happened a fair amount during my first. I found that making sure not to go too long without eating helped a lot. My doctor also suggested having a lot of snacks with peanut butter, and that seemed to help too. I didn't have low blood pressure or anemia or anything other than being pregnant, but definitely mention it to your doctor as they may have more suggestions to help!
  • If it continues and your blood pressure/iron levels are normal, have them run a CDC to check your blood platelet levels.  Although it's not that common, some women experience a drop in platelet levels during pregnancy.  This causes light headedness, headaches, bruising, etc.
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