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Bleeding after intercourse

anyone else experience this ?

Re: Bleeding after intercourse

  • It's very common. Check in with your doc if it is a lot of blood. My doc put me on pelvic rest for a bit. It's nothing to fret about unless accompanied by cramps.
  • Yes, and it stopped pretty quickly. My doctor said its no problem as long as it stops or switches to brown and then stops. I'm not sure what to do though because it happened once, then not the next time so I thought I was in the clear. Then it happened again. So I'm not sure if we should hold off until a certain point. Guess I need to call the doc again in my cast.
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  • delos2delos2 member
    I went to ER as it was a Sunday and my doc office was closed. Waited about three hours. Got blood test. And going to phone today for test results. Nerve wrecking. No blood since the incident.
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