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Please help !

I'm 5 weeks & 1 day pregnant ... My boyfriend decided to move out saying he wasn't ready last week .. I've had the worst week and I'm so hurt & sad it makes my hunger go away ... I had a mc last month at 2 weeks and I'm so scared to go through to the same thing alone ... I'm so scared & lost

Re: Please help !

  • ches1xxches1xx member
    I'm sorry to hear that have u got any close family u can talk too ? Maybe he just needs abit of time to get his head round the idea otherwise I'm sure u will do just fine with lots of support from us at the bump and family and friends don't stress urself out things will work out fx for u x
  • Thank you! Yes i do have close family to talk to ... I've been doing my best to not stress and try and eat a little for my baby ... But feeling sad don't go away. Thank you so much!
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