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Hi ladies! Anyone want to share some healthy snack ideas? With my daughter, I had to snack frequently to not feel dizzy/nauseous. I eat a lot of fruit and nuts but looking for a variety, and something "on the go" I can take to work. Anything anyone can't live without right now?

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  • My go to's are fruit like you mentioned as well as cheese and crackers, granola, veggie straws, and popsicles. I love laughing cow cheese with wheat thins.
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    I just bought 3 boxes of Popsicles today to snack on/help with queasiness. Not exactly on the go, but great otherwise! I do veggies and hummus, trail mix, popcorn, and yogurt right now, but I haven't had MS too bad yet and no food aversions yet so that list may or not work in the coming weeks!
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  • String cheese, veggies, gluten free toast with peanut butter, pretzels, and graham crackers are my go to.
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    Apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, yogurt, string cheese, bananas, crackers.
  • My go-to snacks are: greek yogurt, nuts, fruit, baby carrots, pretzels, and banana chips.  
  • Apples and pb, cheese sticks, pb crackers, veggies or fruit, dried fruit, protein balls/bars, smoothies,
  • Love fruit leather! Low on calories but high in flavor.
  • I got a bag of dried fruit and nuts from Costco the other day that I'm really enjoying.
    Turkey jerkey, string cheese, cheese crackers, peanuts/Cheerios/nuts mix all have been tasty
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  • I have been digging fresh and dried fruit, and cheese for on the go and crackers with marmalade when at home.
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    I eat a lot of Popsicles between meals to help with nausea. I also keep sun chips or crackers nearby to snack on. I've found I have to eat small meals every 1-2 hours to not be nauseas. So hard.
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    I just baked a batch of zucchini muffins to snack on during the week! They have a lot of sugar in them though, so I will also be eating strawberries, raspberries, apples, carrots, chia seed granola bars, crispy minis, cottage cheese and maybe some hard boiled eggs.
  • The only things I can handle: perogies, French fries, baked potatoes, mandarine oranges, baby bell cheese, bananas, crackers and strawberries. So far anything potatoe is great!
  • I came across this lady recently...
  • Oops I'll continue here! She is a health advocate for pregnancy and while I'm not following this plan persay there are some lovely recipes and great snacks!
    The oat pancakes are a god send! Make a batch of them and she suggests having them by your bed do if you pee during the night you can have one so you don't wake up with that empty tummy feeling that makes you sick! I've had two every morning the last three and it really has helped stave off the nausea first thing!
    Also lovely with fruit and yoghurt too!
    Trying the oat brownie bites today!! Here's the link
  • Chobani makes Greek yogurt in the tubes for kids, I get grape and watermelon. Really good and easy to eat anywhere since it's a tube. I have them for breakfast in the car.
  • Baby bell cheese, salt and vinegar snacks, dried fruit snacks, bread and olives and tube yoghurt
  • Have you ever tried juicing?  I make some juice the night before with kale, beets, carrots and pineapple.  I drink it during the day when I'm feeling the least amount naseous haha
  • I have been living off potato products. They are the only thing so far that doesn't give me heartburn or MS
  • I've bought the individual guacamole servings and eat them with pretzel chips at work. I have a lot of trouble getting enough calories, so those have been great.
  • Thanks for all your input! These are great ideas, and now I'm hungry!!
  • bmmimsbmmims member
    I have been craving and indulging on edamame! I get the frozen steamables kind and OMG there is just nothing like those right now... DH says it smells like a fart :/
  • I've been eating yogurts and a ton of fruits. Necterines, plums, cherries and strawberries. 
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