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20 weeks pregnant gained 22 pound

Hiya first time posting but I'm getting really down due to me gaining so much weight. I was 11 stone 5f7 pre pregnancy but now iv gained 22 pound. My belly is massive n my legs . I'm terrified if gaining so much. I was a very active healthy person but since getting pregnant the tiredness is horrible and I have two kids 5&6 who tire me out so exercise is too much for me the way am feeling. NO1 understands how I feel in my family and friends but it's really impacting on my mental health. Anyone feel the same or what are u gaining if started at healthy weight?

Re: 20 weeks pregnant gained 22 pound

  • FemShepFemShep
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    What does your doctor say? Can you combine exercise for you with exercise for your children, like taking a walk together?. And what are your eating habits like?
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    Are you eating healthy food and the correct portions? Try not to stress about it too much, you started at a really healthy weight and you may gain another 20lbs, for a total of 40 but that's still not a worrying amount for someone who was a healthy weight to start with. I'm 5'7, 18 weeks and up 11lbs and started at a healthy weight. I have a friend who is 5'5, 23 weeks and up 32lbs. Her midwife is ok with her weight gain. It varies so much.

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  • I'm 27 weeks and have gained 16 pounds.
  • I gained 20lbs by 25wks n doc said everything else is fine so don't sweat it; everyone's different.
  • I was clinically obese to start however my doctor said with my muscle mass I'm able to gain the average 35 lbs with no issues. I'm 21 weeks and up 10 lbs.
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