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First cousins picture!

I just visited my brother to tell him our news and he shows me their ultrasound picture! Totally shocked but excited! Nobody really knows about either yet so I can't tell anyone so I decided I need to share the first cousins picture here! My SIL on the other side is also expecting a month before me. Looks like Dec and Jan we're gonna be in the hospital every two weeks for babies!

Re: First cousins picture!

  • NenaB54NenaB54
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    Awesome! Congratulations !
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  • ches1xxches1xx
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    I found out the otherday that my cousin is due dec aswell and me in jan exciting stuff x
  • That's so exciting, congrats! Before we announced to family, SIL announced she was 6w! We are 2 weeks apart :) She had been trying for 7 years and doing IVF.
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  • That is fantastic!
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  • adcc43adcc43
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    My SIL is due 2.5 weeks before me!! We already have children who are 6 months apart and they are best friends.

    Congratulations for your family!!!



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  • EC2016EC2016
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    My SIL is also pregnant. We are 2 months apart.
  • cyanopecyanope
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    Awesome!! My SIL is also due in December, four weeks before me. We haven't told them yet, but I get a secret little thrill every time I see her. She'll be SO excited when she finds out!
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  • So sweet! My brother & I had our first children 12 days apart. It was very exciting! They're both girls and turning two in June. They are also the best of friends and see eachother everyday at daycare :) Enjoy every moment!!
  • Awesome! So wonderful!
    My brother and I are due to have our babes 5 months apart ... bit of a stretch but so happy to have them close together! :)
  • ajbookajbook
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    How fun! My SIL is due late Nov. & my sister is due early Jan.
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  • There are seven women in my family pregnant right now! All of us due between October and early January! We are going to have so many babies!
  • What an awesome surprise! We haven't told my sisters yet, one is due in late October! 
  • SullyNSullyN
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    That's awesome!!! My niece is 9 weeks younger than my son and it's been great! 

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  • Thanks ladies! It's going to be such an exciting year and I'm excited to have people to go through it with (well, besides all of you lovelies)! And a big congrats to all of you that also have family members due within a short time of each other!!
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