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Pink CM?

Hello ladies. This is my first baby so I'm a little worrier. Last night I went to use the restroom and in my undies there was pink cm only a little. When I peed and wiped there was nothing and this morning there wasn't anything either. I've read this can happen and it's normal im just wondering has anyone experienced this and had a healthy pregnancy. I'm scared to miscarry. I told my mom because she works in the medical field and asked her if I should go to the ER she said sense it stopped and I have no cramping that I'm fine and things like this happen to some women. She also told me my grandma bled 5 times during her pregnancy with my uncle and she was just fine. I just want a few more opinions im 5 weeks and 6 days and won't be seen by my doctor until June 15th I'll be 8 weeks.

Re: Pink CM?

  • Extremely normal, the time to contact your doctor is if spotting is enough to soak a pad and is paired with extreme cramps. Also, we've had this question several times in the last week, so if something isn't on the first page use the search function instead. If you're really worried, that would have helped to ease your fears immediately instead of waiting for the 72 hour wait to end to post.
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