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Anti-depressants during pregnancy?

I was put on an anti-depressant for my anxiety about 6 months ago. I was on an extremely low dose of Celexa. I am a caseworker, very stressful job! I went off my meds when we decided to get pregnant. I have noticed my anxiety flaring up again, almost to the point where it makes it hard to breathe, but nothing like a panic attack. I am so conflicted because I don't want to take any medication while pregnant, but I am not sure I can go the rest of my pregnancy like this. Anyone else having these same issues??? I need a little reassurance, my husband just doesn't understand!

Re: Anti-depressants during pregnancy?

  • I am 5 weeks and on a low dose of Zoloft. I've spoken with my pcp (who is also pregnant) and she told me that I should be just fine. It's about weighing the pros and cons because stress and anxiety can cause damage to LO too. I will ask my OB when I see him on monday specifically and let you know, but for me and my LO, I think the benefits way outweigh the risks. I am sorry to hear about your anxiety though. Do you try other non medicinal ways to quell it? I've had most success with yoga and when anxiety comes on... Sounds weird but start doing math you have to think about like counting backwards from 100 in groups of 7. It activates the more rational and logical side of your brain and that helps me when I know I'm getting over emotional or anxious.
  • I have had friends with similar concerns. They met with their ob to decide what to do. One went back on her meds and one didn't. Both have healthy and happy boys. Stress and anxiety isn't good for baby so you doctor will be able to give u an idea of which medications are safe in pregnancy and give u the support u need. Good luck.
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  • I stayed on my low dose of Wellbutrin. Talk to your doctor and decide what is best for both baby AND you.
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    I'm taking my Wellbutrin. I've been advised by a psychiatrist specializing in treating women that she routinely prescribes this drug and has never seen ill-effects in a baby. I was so weepy and emotional during weeks 3-6 that I could not imagine stopping.
  • Anxiety is no joke and I'm sorry you are going through it.. Wouldnt wish it on anyone! I was on Paxil but switched to Zoloft. So far I've had a little anxiety. Been really sick like I was with my first pregnancy had to get zofran. I don't like the idea of taking medicine ESP when preg, but benefits outweigh risks.
  • I'm on a low dose of Zoloft and was on it with my DD last pregnancy too until the third trimester when I got off of it. My doc said its fine if I absolutely need it and I do. Zoloft is one of the safer meds since its been around a long time per doc. Good luck!!!
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    Keep the dr prescribing your anxiety meds in the loop. She or he will weigh the pros and cons and decide what course of action is best. I understand not wanting to take certain meds while pregnant but there are some that are safe. Also, you being mentally healthy is just as important as being physically healthy.

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    I'm on Cymbalta. Both my OBGYN and psychiatrist told me to stay on it for my anxiety.
  • Talked to my OB today and he advised me to stay on my Zoloft. He said many times moms who are on antidepressants and get off them during pregnancy tend to relapse and have a much harder transition postpartum and are prone to post partum depression. The trick is to switch meds if youre on certain meds and try to keep your dosage to the minimum that is effective for you. I chose to stay on mine personally. Hope that helps. Good luck!
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