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making plans with morning sickness?!?

so i'm only 7 weeks and have ms all day!! i had this until week 14 with my first dd, so i'm skeptical it will ease up anytime soon this time around.  finding it hard to commit to plans, even a day a way, but we haven't told anyone yet and hate the idea of having to make excuses to cancel! thoughts??

Re: making plans with morning sickness?!?

  • I've been telling people certain foods are messing with my stomach. Or my allergies are really acting up and making me feel bad. I've also said I'm exhausted and it's making me feel sick. I wouldn't make yourself do anything because you're just going to be miserable. Maybe just don't make any plans for awhile. Idk. Good luck!
  • If I know for sure I won't be able to handle it, I just say I'm sick (which is true).
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