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Clomid After Miscarriage

I was previously pregnant (on 2nd cycle of Clomid) but miscarried and had a D&C at 9.5 weeks. 28 days after the D&C and a lot of brown spotting, I started my period which lasted about 3.5 days and was medium to light. I was given the OK by my doctor to start Clomid so I took it days 2-6. I'm still getting lows on my advanced fertility monitor on day 10. In the past I experienced earlier highs. Does anyone have experiences they can share regarding taking Clomid after a miscarriage? I'm wondering if the first cycle isn't as normal with the proper hormonal surges, etc. Just anxious to get back to TTC and am worried the Clomid isn't having the same effect as before.

Re: Clomid After Miscarriage

  • I don't have why experience but I am sorry you lost your baby. I think your body can be.a little wacky after you have a loss. Also maybe the clomid messed with your monitor? I'm pretty sure I have heard of it doing that before.
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    Hi Kylinsc, sorry for your loss. We had a missed miscarriage (found out at 12weeks) and have since been trying through IUI with Clomid on days 3-7. Last month was our first Clomid cycle and I had the opposite effect in that my estrogen (I believe) was at 2000 with a 22 follicle. Unfortunately for us the IUI wasn't successful. It has been been about four months since our miscarriage and my body has taken a lot of time to recover and get to where it is now. Our first attempt at IUI with no hormones didn't work and we had very low readings and had to discontinue the treatment. I think it just takes a bit of time for the body to adjust after miscarriage, but hopefully the Clomid starts to work for you soon.
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