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Hyperemisis Gravidarum

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I was diagnosed with this severe morning sickness/dehydration at week 6 and havnt been to work in 5 weeks. I've been admitted twice and Its frightening my experience to motherhood. Has anyone else got this? I'm afraid I'm not going to have the energy to mother once baby arrives because I'm so sick now :(

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  • Me too! It's been two solid weeks now and I'm struggling to cope. Been signed off work for another week and just the thought of moving makes me sick. Have you been prescribed any medication? I've been given 2 to try but am not sure about taking them....
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    Here are a few other mamas who've gotten this too. I'm sure they can give you some advice as well. Sorry you are feeling so terrible!

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    I've never had it but I'm so sorry and I'm thinking of you! PS on the bright side you're now just like princess Kate? ;)

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  • Oh man. I'm so sorry you're so sick.


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  • Naw yes I am on cyclizine,metecophrimide, and ondansatron but honestly none help! They make me drousy, tired and unable to go to the toilet. It's rough alright! Thank you for all the kind messages though.! I hope for every mum with HG that it only lasts for the first trimester, I've read a lot of women having it the whole pregnancy!. Scary but seeing baby's heartbeat today was a sure good feeling!
  • I had it with my first for 18 weeks. It was awful! I'm so sorry. Baby #2 and still have all day nausea at 7 weeks but yet to puke. Each pregnancy is different. Cold juice helped me and Graham crackers. Jolly ranchers too. I remember bawling because it was so bad. Hang in there ladies.
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  • I have it too. I have been in the ER once, and was given Zofran, which seemed to help a little and now I'm on diclegis. Which is doing absolutely nothing for me. I'm still sick 24/7. It never let's up, I throw up morning, noon and night. I have broken down crying many times because after being sick for so long it just starts getting to you physically (obviously) and emotionally. It's debilitating and I find it very hard sometimes to even get up. I know it will be worth it in the end, once I hold my sweet little one. And man Will I have some stories to tell him/her! Haha!!
    Hang in there...we can get through this!
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