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SIck days

anyone taken any sick days from work for morning sickness?

I can't imagine coping at work this week.

Re: SIck days

  • I have, I had three days off because I was bleeding then after three I got a sick note from the doctors, so got paid which was a relief x
  • Same here, I was put on bed rest over the Memorial Day weekend and took a few days off. It's so hard with my job though because I'm the supervisor, and the customers love to take advantage of my employees when I'm not there :-L Hopefully my assistant steps up when maternity leave comes.
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    I haven't had to yet, but I definitely would if I really couldn't rally that day.
  • I missed 2 before I got the prescription for dilectin. Then just last week had to miss another. I work 12 hr shifts and involves being very present so I called in sick if not on my A game or at the risk of being sick on the floor. Not good. I say, use the sick days.
  • I called in today. I haven't actually vomited but the Nausea and dizziness has had me up since 3am. DH isn't thrilled that I stayed home but I needed a day to rest I think. He is worried I'll be missing a lot :(
  • I can't. I had surgery in September, and had to take five weeks off, which was my whole stash of sick leave that I had been acquiring for years! Plus, I'm a teacher, and just calling in sick is next to impossible. Three more weeks, and then I get the summer off! Then I can wallow in my misery!!
  • Haven't had any morning sickness yet, but I'm trying to save my leave for maternity leave. 

    My company's short term disability is for 6 wks and only pays 60% each week, but I can use my leave to compensate for the other lost 40% pay if I have enough.  That equates to 40 hours of leave if I want to stay home for 6 weeks with full pay.  Ideally, I'm shooting for at least 8 weeks though, since that's what they recommend if you have a C-section and it's likely I'll end up with one because I'm trying for a VBAC, but have doubts that it'll work out.  Therefore, I'll need 120 hours of leave if I want to get my full pay while I'm out.

    Feels daunting.

  • Oh I've been calling out. I for some reason am getting extremely dizzy and light headed. As a waitress I don't feel like passing out in front of tables (although I might get a better tip).
    So i stay home. Makes me feel a little better.
    I have no guilt! I'm planning on being a SAHM for a while after baby is born- I'm calling this a pre-game :)
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  • I don't have too many sick days left until Mid November because this winter was really bad when I went off my birth control. I got sick 4 times in a row for about 2 months straight. Thankfully, I have a lot of days scheduled off though because we just put an offer on a house memorial weekend! (our first home!)
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