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tummy muscle stretching

6w today and ever since the day before I tested I feel like every time I take a deep breath my tummy muscles stretch as much as they are able to at this point....anyone else with me

Re: tummy muscle stretching

  • YES!!!! I feel the same way!!! My ab muscles feel so much more flexible, like they're stretching a LOT more
  • It feels so crazy I didn't know it would feel like this so soon lol
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  • I know right?! Then it made total sense as to why there's prenatal yoga and things like that... Because our muscles and joints and entire body structure is changing.

    But yeah I had no idea it would feel that weird. Definitely can feel the pulling.
  • Yes I'm for sure going to have to start pregnant yoga :))
  • I find myself stretching more. Like when I wake up I feel like I have to stretch my whole body, and I specifically feel pulling in my abdomen. That's how it was for me first pregnancy too.
  • This is my first and I guess I didn't realize the belly stretching would start this soon, boy was I wrong lol
  • Yes same here!
  • I'm so glad that I'm not just making this symptom up in my head!
  • Same! I thought I was being crazy because it's so early but there is just so many body changes going on!
  • This is kind of related, but every time I sneeze, it feels like my entire uterus seizes up... I wouldn't call it painful, but it's definitely a pulling feeling, and it makes me want to brace my stomach when I feel a sneeze coming (as if that will do anything!)
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  • I get that whole sneezing thing, also at certain points when I roll over in bed at night I get the same feeling. It doesn't exactly hurt but it is uncomfortable and makes me wonder what exactly is going on :-S
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