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Desperately sick this whole last tri! Help!

For the last five or so weeks I've been vomiting like crazy (didn't have bad ms in the beginning so what a nice surprise!). I've already been to the ER three times. OB has thrown everything at me - pump inhibitors, Pepcid, zofran, suppositories, diet change. They've had to keep me to give me lots of IV fluids and shots and nothing works. Occasionally I keep stuff down, but it's not often and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what stays down (I barf up water but not soda, I barf up saltines but not spicy food). And unfortunately I can't keep down any of the medications they gave me to help me or any of the other meds I need to take every day. The doc doesn't seem to know what to do w me (although I think I'll bring it up when I see her again on Thursday). Anyone have any suggestions? I feel terrible saying it but this makes me want this pregnancy over w ASAP.

Re: Desperately sick this whole last tri! Help!

  • Have you tried seabands? They're a pressure point bracelet, might help some. I would look into making electrolyte ice cubes that you can suck on so you don't get dehydrated.
  • I have been having morning sickness, dry heaving and throwing up since first trimester and I take unisom for it. It just makes it tolerable. I still dry heave and throw up, just not as much. I have tried sea bands and it didn't work. Drinking lots of fluids helps and eating certain foods that don't trigger helps.
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