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Cranberry overload!

hey ladies! So I feel a UTI coming on and I'm drinking tons of water and super concentrated cranberry juice to get rid of it. My first Dr appointment and ultrasound is this Tuesday. Question.... Is it possible to have a Pap smear and ultrasound with a UTI? Sorry if this is a dumb gross question.

Re: Cranberry overload!

  • I always have issues with UTI's... I especially get that pain while pregnant, but they aren't actual UTIs my dr told me (I have a bladder condition) Anyways yeah they can still do all that, but I would call your doctor about getting it checked out so you can get rid of it. Also if you need help relieving that pain in the mean time... A teaspoon of baking soda and a cup water helps right away.
  • Thank you for the advice! I will try the baking soda and water. I better call a Dr to make sure it is actually a UTI. I've never had one before and it concerns me while pregnant.
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  • Yeah I get that pain if I don't drink lots and lots of water or if I try and drink all my water at night. Good luck!
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