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How are you all preventing stretchmarks?

hey guys
I know they say it's part genetics and if it happens it happens but just curious as to what products you guys are using or if anyone has successfully avoided them in the past?!

Re: How are you all preventing stretchmarks?

  • Mama Bee Belly Butter from Burts Bees! It's what I used with my first and I just bought more for this time around! If your belly itches, don't scratch it!! Put belly butter, lotion or oil on it!!
  • adcc43adcc43 member
    I put coco butter lotion on every morning after shower.



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  • Arbonne Firming Body Cream! It doesn't just firm!
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  • I bought organic belly bomb from the Honest Co. I wasn't sure what to get and this has good reviews.
  • Thanks guys! I've been using the palmers cocoa butter for stretchmarks the last few days but the smell is starting to get to me!! It's sickly isn't it?!
    Read somewhere to put baby oil on after showers and then creams before bed?
    I've also a tub of Egyptian magic cream that I bought few months ago for something else but thought it might work too! Anyone used it??
  • I put stretch mark lotion on every day. This is my first so I'm not sure if it's gonna work but I'm gonna try lol
  • It's definitely worth trying!! Mine has the pregnant lady on the front of the bottle and even though i know my mum wouldn't go into my bedroom when she's Checkin in on my dog I'm terrified she'll see it - sad!
  • Palmers makes a vitamin E serum with no smell. I highly recommend. I used it in conjunction with cocoa butter, no stretch marks.
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  • Mama bee belly butter and oil. I used it when I was pregnant with our son and didn't get any! Fingers crossed it works that well again lol
  • Almond oil. It's what my sister used when she was pregnant and she didn't get any so here's hoping!
  • I've heard BioOil was a good choice. Has anyone had any luck with that?
  • I've heard about bio oil too?! At this rate I'll be using dozens!! I'm guessing the best bet is to pick one oil product and one cream?!
  • I used bio oil last time and got no stretch marks so off to buy some tomorrows. Don't know if I was just lucky or it works but will do the same this time. Shower then massage in stomach n thighs whilst still hot from shower I was told massage all of it in.
  • I used Johnson and Johnson vitamin e and aloe oil my last pregnancy and I was lucky and did not get any so I will try it again this time.
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  • I'm hoping to use my genetics again this time around.
  • jagerjljagerjl member
    I've been making my own! Coconut oil and a blend of young living essential oils ( lavender, grapefruit, rose and gentle baby). I can put the actual recipe on here if anyone is interested! Smells amazing and keeps my skin so soft! Also, raw Shae butter is super moisturizing!
  • DjinnaGDjinnaG member
    I asked my dermatologist, she said there's nothing topical that will do anything; all you can do is try to stay hydrated, and hope you're young enough and genetically lucky enough.  But if you're itchy from the stretching, the creams and lotions will make you feel better.
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  • I use BioOil and Mama Bee Belly Butter.. Both seem to work great to keep my skin soft and not itchy :)
  • Liz926Liz926 member
    Molly Sims, the super model has a recipe on her blog for a homemade one. If you google, molly sims belly butter, it will come up. I made it with my first one and it was great! Not one new stretch mark and I smelled like chocolate because of the fresh cocoa butter.
  • I have been using Clarins Body Tonic Oil with my two last pregnancies, and I am using it again with this one!
    It's 100% pure plant extracts, and it helps the skins elasticity and moisturizes!
    I use it under the shower before getting out! I ❤️ it
  • I'm hoping to use my genetics again this time around.

    This. I made it through a full term twin pregnancy with no stretch marks, and did nothing special to avoid them.
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  • Olive oil and water in a squirt bottle!
  • Nothing yet. Right now I can only focus on not puking.


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  • Save your money is my best advice. No cream or oil will prevent stretch marks if you are going to get them.
  • Palmers coconut butter after every shower.
  • Are you supposed to use it from the beginning of the pregnancy ? My first pregnancy so I have no idea
  • How did u make ur profile pic?
  • Save your money is my best advice. No cream or oil will prevent stretch marks if you are going to get them.

    All of this. Pregnancy #1, my stomach was HUGE. Lotioned like crazy, 10 lb baby- not a single stretch mark. Pregnancy #2, stomach was big but not as big as the first time. Lotioned like crazy, 10lb3oz baby- stretch marks all around my belly button. My mom and sisters have none. Good luck everyone :D
  • Save your money is my best advice. No cream or oil will prevent stretch marks if you are going to get them.

    Agreed. I used lotions and bio oil for my first trying to prevent them and it didn't do any good.
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