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Baby can hear you..

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Everyone asks me if I talk to my baby and I'm like yesssss.... :-S (lying) I did try it before but it just feels awkward lol my husband talks to the baby all the time and kisses my bump... But I'm just like idk "If your happy and you know it kick my ribs"

Anybody else talks to baby?

Re: Baby can hear you..

  • NumajawaraNumajawara member
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  • @aresee awww that is a cute way to do it lol imma try that

    @AziaNick my voice + singing = early labor lol I will scare her right out my uterus
  • I tried directly talking to her once. It was weird. I'm driving down the street talking to my belly in the car, alone. I figure she hears me talk every time I talk to anyone.

    My husband and daughter talk to her all the time and she responds to my husband. He's even tried disciplining her once for kicking me too much. It was hilarious.
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  • beeishbeeish member
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    I talk to her all the time. :)
  • All the time. She's not even here yet and we are already bffs. Lol I love talking to her and she kicks and wiggles!
  • @Thera888 same for me! I talk to my cat all the time and doesn't seem weird or awkward lol

    Mostly I believe that he hears everything I say at this point and it feels weird to talk to my baby directly. Im sure once he's here I'll talk his ear off though just like I do my cat :D
  • I read books to my son, so I figure the baby hears all that. I don't usually talk directly to it.

  • I don't but I read books and talk toy 1st born all the time. She's only 14 months old so I figure my twins like to hear their sister mommy and daddy talking. :)
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels super awkward about this! I sing in the car sometimes, but not consistently.
  • I keep intending to read out loud but it hasn't happened. I find myself talking to him in my mind lol! Like that works. It feels less awkward- and I feel retarded afterwards.
  • I don't talk directly to baby but I talk to my cat a lot and I figure baby doesn't know the difference hahaha
  • I feel the same way lol sometimes I talk to him when he moves a lot ask him what's wrong lol that's it, I rub my belly a lot also, he hears me talk with others so I'm sure he knows my voice.
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