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Making up excuses

jess147gajess147ga member
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Before I found out I was pregnant my hubby & I were very social with our friends just about every weekend. However, we have decided not to tell anyone except close family that we are pregnant until after the first trimester. Therefore, instead of going to events like for example a party tonight I make up excuses & lies that I am sick bc I'm tired & don't have the energy. I feel so bad though & I feel like somehow I'm going to get caught blowing off friends & co-workers. I feel like such a horrible person... Advice?

Re: Making up excuses

  • It doesn't sound like you would be lying if you told them that...
  • It's totally normal! My sil is 8 weeks ahead of me and she totally had to quit social outings and now at 13 weeks she is finally coming out again and now I'm 5 weeks I'm the one canceling! Just get some rest, don't feel bad, you're growing a human!!!
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  • Same here... Was supposed to go to a friends wedding tonight but feel so nauseous, tired & crappy. Said I had a stomach bug & couldn't make it
  • Don't worry, once you reveal your pregnancy everyone will understand :)
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  • khewskhews member
    In the same boat! I tried to go out and fake it (ordering fake drinks etc) and just found it so stressful to be lying. I think I will try to lay low for the next few weeks just to give myself a break from hiding it!
  • Ive had to say no to a few partys already simply because it's not like me to turn down champagne or any drink really. We do a lot of partying in Chicago and Vegas so it's been pretty difficult to say no lately but I know staying up until 6 am is sooooo not going to happen as I love my sleep right now. I'm just not ready to spill the beans until I'm about 14 weeks or so.
  • bkc92bkc92 member
    It's normal. With my morning sickness, we've been having to cancel. I still go out to parks/swimming with DS when I feel good. And I try to make it to church for at least part of it.

    But most social gatherings and almost all family gatherings we have avoided.

    My husband's brother was here last weekend and his GF & him came over for dinner & a movie and it was such a horrible idea. I was sick half the night and ended up going to bed early. Avoiding is best.
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  • ndeguara said:

    Same here... Was supposed to go to a friends wedding tonight but feel so nauseous, tired & crappy. Said I had a stomach bug & couldn't make it

    We were supposed to go to a wedding last night too. Didn't make it.

    Fortunately I take Metformin and have had nausea and stuff from it before. So I've been blaming that. Don't know how much longer I can get away with it though.
  • I think it's definitely easier to cancel. We had friends over for dinner and they finding it suspicious that I didn't drink at all. I hate lying so I try to just not be in a situation where someone would be suspicious.
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