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HELP! ! Workout anxiety

So today my MIL got to know that I was walking on a treadmill she said dnt do it. I haven't had an appointment with my OB yet but I could not just sit around and get extra flabby arms etc so I read alot on the Internet and started working out and felt great. I listen to my body. When I am not feeling ok I dnt do it. And I try not to overheat my body. This is my first baby and I got afraid when she said dnt do it it's not okey. So far I dnt have any spotting etc I am 8w 2d n my first appointment with OB is on June 9th. I just couldn't wait until then, as I used to workout regularly before conceiving. I am just walking on a speed of 3.5. Any suggestions or comments ?

Re: HELP! ! Workout anxiety

  • Exercise is totally healthy during pregnancy, is encouraged and safe, especially if you are already used to being active. Certain things should be avoided as you get further along due to risk of falling, such as roller blading, ice skating, horseback.
    Listen to your you grow, your center of gravity changes which may make you feel a little off balance. There is nothing wrong with a brisk walk on your treadmill.
  • Exercise is healthy during pregnancy. I am stuck not knowing what is OK with my normal workouts until I have my first OB appointment on June10th, but walking on a treadmill is definitely OK. You just can't push yourself too much while working out. I used to run 3x a week on a treadmill. Now it's like 2 minutes of running and the rest walking because I am already exhausted.
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  • I completely understand! The minute I found out I was pregnant I stopped crossfit (doing that for 3 years 4x a week,) and running. Now I just go on walks until my first Drs visit this Tuesday. I'm hoping she gives me the ok to workout again. Hang in there.
  • map33map33 member
    When I asked my doctor about how far to push myself when working out, she said continue cardio as I have been - as long as you are able to talk normally (have a conversation) there is no risk to the baby.
  • I just had to stop working out 3-4 days a week due to a large SCH. It's torture not hitting the gym !!!! I'll be good and listen so I have less of a chance of loosing the LO and or making the bleed bigger .....but I'm still going to pout . Yvonne Craig photo Tantrum_zps4624e9cc.gif
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    I am pregnant with my third. I ran a half marathon with each of my first 2 pregnancies and am planning to do one next weekend with this pregnancy. I am a firefighter and have been told by my doctor with each pregnancy to continue my normal workouts as I felt comfortable.
  • ededigededig member
    I was active before I got pregnant doing crossfit 4-5 times a week. I'm still working out the same. I modify and watch my heart rate. I go by the talking test. If I can talk and not have to gasp for air. I keep going. But making sure I'm taking lots of break and staying hydrated. I also listen to my body. If it was a long day at work and I'm tired I don't push myself.
  • laschublaschub member
    I play a no contact team sport (outdoors) and I'm worried about overheating and keeping my heart rate low enough. It's not the kind of sport you can just take a break whenever you want, and I'm not about to start measuring my pulse in front of the team! I'm going to play on Tuesday and just say that I'm nursing an injury so I won't be able to run as much... Hopefully that works (I'm a terrible liar). First doctor's appt is Wednesday so I'll see what she had to say about it.
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  • I'm still doing Crossfit. Not as much as before because I'm just so exhausted. My RE said that I can certainly workout like normal. My coaches know and modify workouts as needed.
  • mnaifressermnaifresser member
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    I've been doing yoga and spin class for the past year. Still been doing yoga every week but cut down on spin class bc it's SO hot in there and we use weights. Just going to get ok from doc before i got back. But yoga has been great! Highly recommended. 7 weeks. Doc apt on the 8th
  • walking is wonderful!! especially since you were active prior to being pregnant.  i walked 3-4 miles almost everyday during last two trimesters for my first pregnancy (felt too sick first trimester) and i think it made my delivery much easier!  
  • Unless you know you're high risk, work out at normal. I had to adjust with my third, and picked up Pilates reformer over running bc my scar tissue from c-sections was giving me issues with my stride as my belly grew, but I've been doing barre since before conceiving and plan to keep at it. Not only do I feel better, though totally exhausted, I'm convinced it's what's helped me bounce back within weeks of delivering my other three. Listen to your body, though. If you cramp, slow it down. You'll also run out of breath soon, and that will slow you down, too.
  • Feel free to call your Dr, even though you haven't had your first appt yet. I had a half marathon scheduled the weekend before my appt. I called and gave them my running history and they said what everyone else has said - as long as there is not spotting/cramping you can do as much as you feel able to!  Excercise is just as important during pregnancy as it is while you are not pregnant.  I try to keep my runs slower so I can have a conversation, and walk when I start feeling to hot. On day that I'm so beat I don't want to run - yoga is my favorite option. 
  • Exercise during pregnancy is very healthy as long as it's not extreme lifting or a high risk pregnancy. My dr encourages Cardio and light lifting. I gained a lot of weight with my first, I did great with my second being healthy and now I'm trying to stay healthy again with my third. Just to give you an idea... I currently go on a 3 mile walk/run while pushing a jogging stroller, T25 workouts, and ballet beautiful DVDs.
  • I just went for my first prenatal, and my doctor was pretty much told me to continue all of my exercising as normal and don't introduce anything new (that is more intense than what I already do obviously).  I know other moms on here have said that a gazillion times, but I felt much better after hearing it from my doctor!

    So onwards with cycling, ultimate frisbee, walking, and a little yoga.
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