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Scary dreams

I am 35 weeks and over the last couple of weeks I've been having these very vivid, horrifying dreams of losing my baby. Idk what they're supposed to mean but its really freaking me out!

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    I heard it is normal to have scary dreams in pregnancy...Don't worry too much :) maybe it's just your motherly side kicking in :)
  • I have a couple of dream books and although I've never had a dream of losing my baby I have heard about it quite often. It's says its just a sign of your anxieties and stress. Your sub concious is giving you your worst scenario possible so that realistically you can relax about other things. Sounds funny but it makes sense! :p
  • I really try not to read into dreams. I have had very scary ones about giving birth, very odd ones (like giving birth on a toilet in my old hs bathroom?), and ones where he came out as a baby bunny instead of a human... I chalk it up to all the hormones.

    I'm sorry you're having the nightmares though. It is scary even though it is just a dream. I would suggest not reading into it and trying to relax as much as you can.
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    I'm in the same boat! The last few nights I've had awful dreams of an agonizing labour and holding my baby without her breathing. It's really scary and soooo not fun. Especially when they are vivid :(

    Try and relax tho. It is apparently normal in later pregnancy/and or/2nd Trimester ;)

    They aren't fun and they stress me out but I kind if just leave them behind. I know that they aren't real! :D
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