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  • rw3190 said:

    rw3190 said:

    WTF my doctor hasn't done an ultrasound since 3/25

    I should be 32 weeks this week.....is that weird? I have been asked a ton if I know her size etc etc and I always feel like an idiot bc I don't have an answer.

    For a routine pregnancy, you only have a confirmatory u/s at the beginning, and then an anatomy scan. They only do "extra" ultrasounds if there is a concern or anything is out of the ordinary.

    So how do I know how big we expect her to be? How do the doctors know?
    In a normal pregnancy it is a surprise. There isn't really a reason to know. This is my third and never known and it was no big deal.

    Even if you had an ultrasound they can and are wrong!

    Yup, this ^^^.

    If you're gaining weight in the expected ranges and measuring consistently with EGA, and there are no other issues, everyone should be happy!
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