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Any farm girls here? Chores, chemicals, oh my

So we live on property with horses and dogs. I usually do all my own chores... Manure, fencing, hay, working the horses, gardening, hauling anything and everything, unloading hog fuel/bark dust.

I also work part time at a farm store where lifting 50 lb bags is the norm. And I am exposed to bags of chemical fertilizers (granted they're in the bags, but I can smell them).

And there's the cleaning supplies.

How much of this is ok to continue to do and how much should I really "be taking it easy?" I try and be as organic as possible, but there are some things I'm exposed to like fly spray for the horses.

Because I don't realize I'm pregnant most days, I forget that I need to be careful, but what does that really mean? Are there any women on here that live a similar lifestyle? Just the other day I hauled 12ft coral panels by myself.

Re: Any farm girls here? Chores, chemicals, oh my

  • My life exactly!!!!! I still spray the horses as long as they aren't in stalls . I'll lift straw bales but not hay cause they are lighter. Life doesn't stop because we're pregnant that's for sure! Taking it easy is literally impossible on a farm so I just take my time and try not to rush around as much. I do stay away from the chemicals we use in the sprayer for corn/beans because it clearly states on the jug it can cause harm to the baby. Other than that life goes on as normal because being lazy is not an option :)
  • I am having the opposite problem. We have chemical free strawberries. This means no real heavy lifting, but when you are nauseous, and get light headed easily, spending the better part of a couple of hours in a row with your ass in the air, and head between your knees isn't easy... but it still has to get done. My recommendation is to do what I have been reminding myself. Modify what you can, and either slow down a little, or take a short break more often. I would ask Dr about the fertilizer stuff though.
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  • I let my husband and father do all the work. Thank God for them. I couldn't lift one of my saddles the other day.
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