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Risk for preterm birth.

I'm due August 9th with my first child, a girl. Emily Grace Barrett <3 I got rear ended on May 12 and taken into the hospital. Emily was fine but at my next doctors appointment a week later I got sent back to the hospital because the nurse said I have a very short cervix, it was at a 1.5 , I got a shot of steroids in one side of my hip and was told to come back the next day for the other shot. The steroids were for Emily so her lungs could mature faster in case of an early delivery. I pray everyday that she will go the full 40. Has anyone anyone ever had this happen to them?

Re: Risk for preterm birth.

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    I have not, but know plenty who have. Just be thankful you are far enough along for the steroids! FXFY she doesn't come early, but medicine has come so far they do AMAZING things with premies! T&P

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  • Glad you and baby are okay after the car accident. Check out the search function (short cervix, pre-term labour, funneling cervix, etc.) and you'll find several threads about this very situation and some really great shared experiences :) GL
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  • I had this exact thing happen during my last pregnancy at 32 weeks. Rear ended a car and ended up in the hospital with BH 2-4 minutes apart. I didn't have a shortened cervix but had softening of the cervix. I got the steroid shot as well.
    I delivered at 37.5 weeks and everything was fine :)
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  • I am a preemie mummy, my little boy was a 30 weeker and we never got there in time for the steroids so that's a really good thing that you have. Im sure you'll get to 40 weeks I'll keep my fingers crossed but like a previous poster says, they can do amazing things for prems now if you end up in that position. my DS is 2.5 and perfectly healthy so I hope that puts your mind at rest x
  • Thanks everyone I feel a lot better now about my situation :) I'm gonna some research on what I can do to help prevent a pretty term birth
  • Hey! I gave birth to my son here on May 12. He wasn't due until August 19! He was only 25 weeks. It's been rough, I don't want to say it's easy. He has already had a heart surgery, and is possibly looking into a brain surgery. But you just have to be positive! I had both the steroid shots also!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a full term baby! If you have any questions let me know :)
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