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Prenatal vitamins after birth

How long should you take prenatal vitamins after birth? I take OTC ones and I need to get a new bottle today. I intend to breast feed and I know you should continue to take them, I just don't want to get a big bottle if a smaller one will do

Re: Prenatal vitamins after birth

  • I never stopped taking them after my first. He will be 4 in August. I liked what they did for my hair and nails. If the vitamin works for you, take it.
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    My OB said to take if I plan to breast feed, but also like PP, some women opt to just keep taking them for the benefits.
  • I intend on breast feeding so I will continue taking them until she is completely weaned :)
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  • I started taking them 5 years ago when ttc with my daughter and never stopped. I heard from several resources that they are perfect vitamins for mentrating women (whether planning to get pg or not). When we hit menopause, things obviously change.
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  • Our first is 18 months and I took them fot awhile before ttc and never stopped either. If you are planning to breastfeed and possibly have another fairly soon, I wouldn't stop. Easier to keep the habit of taking them every day.
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  • I continue to take them while I'm BFing, so basically I've been taking them for 5+ years between pregnancy and BFing.  I buy the DHA ones for when I'm pregnant, then switch to normal prenatals while BFing since it's cheaper.
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    Well, take them for as long as your breast feeding.. But it wouldn't hurt to keep taking them either. Because of my vitamin deficiencies after pregnancy, my nutritionist told me to keep taking them after birth. She also said that doing so helps to take baby weight off.. I hated my prenatals so I refused to.. And I regretted it. I was always sick and tired. I had anemia and I was so stupid to not take it. But ask your doctor when is best if you don't want to continue them.. I hate taking vitamins.. They make me sick. I also saw post natal vits at target.
  • I take them all the time. I'll continue through breastfeeding and my child bearing years.
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  • Do you need the post natal vitamins?
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