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Belly button bruising?

It started out as just a little spot above my belly button but now it's about a inch wide all the way around my belly button, it doesn't hurt it's just very mushy...anyone else? Is this cause for concern? It's 11 at night so I can't call my doc

Re: Belly button bruising?

  • Mine doesn't quite look like it's bruised but it does have some weird discoloration around it..I'm assuming it's probably normal
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    I mentioned this to one if my friends, she said it is stretch marks- even though it doesn't look like it at all- when she was pregnant it happened and afterwards it was stretch marks
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    Huh! I noticed the same discoloration around my belly button last night. It's starting to pop out and an inch-sort of- around it is blue/purple/red without looking like an angry bruise
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  • Mine is hurting too. I assumed it was the muscles stretching underneath....
    Did you call the dr?
  • I think it's normal for skin discoloration, especially around your belly button. I have some, and I remember both my sister and best friend saying the same thing.

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