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Manually turning breech baby aka ECV

Found out baby boy is currently breech. Was wondering if any STM have had an ECV in the past and what the pain/discomfort experience was for them. I know he has time to turn, but I also like to know what could be coming.

Re: Manually turning breech baby aka ECV

  • I've asked a few people who have had this done and they all have said the same thing. Hurts like hell and some of them said it didn't even work. Mine was breech last week so I'm hoping what I felt a few days away was him flipping. Good luck!
  • I am in the same boat and have done some research, sounds like it can be pretty dangerous so we are not willing. We got our little guy through IVF so we are extra sensitive to any risks, it's just not worth the risk for us. Not sure I would feel the same if we were able to conceive naturally. You can check out spinning babies, people swear by their methods. I have also heard a lot of the time even if your dr is able to turn the baby they just flip back again.
  • I have read pretty much the same information. :-< not too promising ha ha. I think I am going to start trying all of the inversion stuff. Get a jump start on trying to coax him to flip.
  • Yea as soon as I did research I told my husband nope not doing it. I'm not willing to risk anything so it's either he's coming out head first or we are going csection route. I have a friend who is the head nurse for l&d and she said that they recommend doing the on all 4s move for a few times a week before they like to do the inversions.
  • My baby was breech early on and I did some research into this. (Basically I'm a FTM and panicked way too early. I didn't know how late they could turn.) anyway, it looks a bit risky to me. I know the risks are fairly minor because from what I've read they usually use ultrasound to make sure they can see what is happening. Still I would probably go c-section route if I happen to end up in that situation.
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    It's really uncomfortable.... And stressful, I felt like he was going to hurt her because of how much pressure was being put in my stomach! I was 38 weeks when she flipped upside down on her own.. The turning, didn't work.. And then she flipped back around at 39 weeks (I had polyhydramnios) she sat transverse for a day.. And that was really uncomfortable as well. Lol. It's not unbearable tho.. Just not fun.
  • With my last pregnancy my baby decided to breech right on my due date. Try putting ice at the top of your belly (or wherever baby's head could be). The babies don't like the cold on their heads and will tend to shift around to avoid it. I did it and my baby flipped back head down and bam!...a healthy vaginal birth the next day! Good luck!
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    Do not opt for it , it's risky.
  • We are 35 weeks and our LO has been breach (head under my left breast, butt down, and feet under my right breast) since 31 weeks. I also have an abundant amount of amniotic fluid. My OB threw out statistics like 50/50 chance the baby will turn for her during the aversion and because of the abundant amount of amniotic fluid if she was successful and we got the baby to head down there is a 60% chance it would flip back to butt or feet down before my due date since the baby seems to prefer this position. We proceeded with getting on her schedule for a Jul 2nd c-section and if come Jul 1st we learn our baby is in fact head down we will cancel the c-section and go with a natural birth.
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  • I am pretty sure our plan is try all of the hands off methods available. Schedule a c-section if he doesn't turn, but keep checking all the way through. I am just hoping to avoid surgery, but will do it if it is the best option. It's very frustrating though since our first birth was an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. I was really banking on the same for our second.
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