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weight gain with twins

How much have you twin mom's gained? My first set of twins I gained 44 pounds and I'm at 38 pounds at 34 weeks with my second set.

Re: weight gain with twins

  • carlyyocarlyyo member
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    This is your second set of twins?! Wow. Amazing!!
  • Oh my gosh this is my second set too!! The first I almost gained 80 lbs!!! This time I've only gained about 40lbs.... I'm 6'2" though so it spreads out lol
  • yani04yani04 member
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    I'm 32 weeks and I've gained 35 lbs.
  • LAO12LAO12 member
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    33w3d and up 42lbs with alot of total leg swelling
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  • coopmkecoopmke member
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    I'm 34 weeks and have gained 10lbs... But I've been very sick!! Two sets of twins... You are a rockstar!
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  • My sis in law is due September 6 with twins and believe it or not I think she's actually losing weight! She's definitely not putting it on as much as me!
  • bnk2012bnk2012 member
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    I'm 35 weeks and have gained 29lbs so far--it feels like I've gained 100 though haha
  • 29 pounds is great, I'm feeling like a whale these days.
  • aheanesaheanes member
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    32 weeks with twins and I've gained about 40 lbs, and my hands, legs, and feet are very swollen
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