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pre-gdm advice

Hi everyone!

Not really here to ask or whatever but I just wanted to share some preggy insights.
I conceived the baby last October when we were out on a vacation. Not planned but not unwanted either. I wasn't at all ready to get pregnant because of a lot of factors, one of which is the pre-gestational diabetes. I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when I was in junior high. My previous OB told me that it was kindda risky because I didn't undergo blood sugar control before I got pregnant and that the embryogenesis stage (first 3 months) will be very crucial and that there are chances that the baby might have abnormalities and deformities or worst, baby might be stillborn.
I was worried for the little one since she was also our first baby. He referred me to an endocrinologist for management and evaluation.

Fast forward to this day, my baby's age is appropriate for her gestational age. One thing that I've learned from this is to just have a good team of doctors to take good care of you and of course, constant monitoring and check ups. We do the doppler scan at least twice a month, NST at least thrice a month and series of BPS.

Don't be disheartened by the word "stillborn" you just need to believe. As for me, although the little one fits her gestational age, there are series of problems I also worry about. But make sure to talk to your OB about every single problems you think arises or would arise on your pregnancy. :)

Re: pre-gdm advice

  • Same situation here. :) Having a strong medical team that balances the scary risks with encouragement and support has been so helpful, especially as a diabetic.
  • How's your little one now? Hope everything's well with you both :)
  • Docs still have concerns and will induce anywhere between week 34 and week 39, which is. . . nerve wracking. I'm 33 weeks on Sunday, and we visit the fetal-maternal doc next Thursday for a more detailed measurement US and our next steps. But, baby is very busy, head down, beating heart and practicing her breathing, and so far not measuring ahead. So we are hanging in there and hoping for her to bake as long as she can. :)
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