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Measuring Big

Last week at my 32 week appointment I measured 41 weeks. My midwife scheduled an ultrasound and growth scan for the end of this week (34 weeks) to see what's up. Thinking extra fluid vs. baby being big. Anyone else measuring ahead?

Re: Measuring Big

  • At my 32 week check today, I'm measuring 2 cm ahead but my ultrasound showed the baby is measuring 1 week ahead. Either way, she's on the big side, 4lbs 12ozs
  • Yes at my 32 week scan they said she was over 5lbs. I have another scan next week at 36 weeks to see if she's still big. You gotta take those ultrasounds with a grain of salt I've been told...
  • Yep measured a few weeks ahead for my first. She came out 7lbs 14oz so she wasn't big and I had no extra fluid. She just had a growth spurt at that moment
  • I measured big my entire pregnancy with DS 1 and was told I would have Over a 10lb baby. He came out at 7 lb 4oz. Yea they can be very wrong. I would not take it as a big predictor of how big your baby will be.
  • Yup, had my 32 week appointment on Thursday and I was measuring 35 weeks. So not as big a jump as you but just enough for my doctor to order an ultrasound, also scheduled for 34 weeks. At my last appointment at 28 weeks both baby and belly were measuring right on track, so I'm interested to see what's going on in there!
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