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Ruby or Sage?

we are trying to narrow down our lists. We are set for boys names with Simon or Gabriel. For girls we are trying to decide between Ruby or Sage. I like that they are short and sweet. Sage, to me sounds more earthy and may work better as she matures. Thoughts?

Re: Ruby or Sage?

  • Again, I say Ruby. 
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  • Ruby! All day. Every day! Sage just reminds me of food. 
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  • I wrote a response on the other thread

  • Gotta go Ruby on this one.
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  • Thanks! Sorry this the the first time i posted a discussion and I think it went up twice:( Yes Sage does make me think of the herb but Ruby makes me think of a gemstone. Neither makes a difference to me but I see the consensus is Ruby so far:)
  • Ruby.
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  • Ruby. 100%
  • Oh my, we had the same names on our lists!!! What did it end up?
  • Ruby.
    The only Sage I know is an NFL QB - super masculine.
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  • I don't love Ruby, it's just nms but Sage is awful.

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  • Definitely Ruby.
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  • I prefer Sage. Not sure why people don't like it. Makes me think of Paige but less popular and earthier; both good things.

    Nothing wrong with Ruby, but it feels very southern to me. Like her full name would be Ruby Lou and she hangs out on the bayou all day... Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just nms. 
  • Ruby is better, more classic and feminine to me. Sage feels trendy to me and I don't like food names.
  • I only know one person named Sage and it's a guy, so I favor Ruby.
  • Ruby....I've never been a fan of Sage as name
  • I love Gabriel and for a girl Ruby is so spunky and adorable. Not a fan of Sage...


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  • Ruby is the name I wish I could use but my husband really doesn't like it.

    So I vote for Ruby!
  • I like Ruby better. But the more I think about Sage, the less I dislike it. It's short and uncommon, two things I like in a name.

    For the record I like Simon over Gabriel! And for eventual sibsets (?) if it matters to you, Ruby does sound better with those names.
  • If I had a son I was going to name him Sage. It doesn't fit as a girl name to me. Pick whichever you like most though! It's your child. (:
  • Thanks ladies. We are going with Gabriel for a boy and the newly discovered Clair for a girl! Classic, not too popular and short and sweet. So pumped. Plus 2 people I know had babies this summer and named them Ruby... Too trending.
  • Ruby! :-bd
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  • Clair looks a little unfinished without the 'e' at the end
  • I like Ruby way better. 
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