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FFFC - Flame Free Friday Confessions, 5/29

Confess! What's been on your conscience lately? (Or not, but shoulda been...)

Re: FFFC - Flame Free Friday Confessions, 5/29

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  • ElRubyElRuby member

    I put on a movie today when my daughter wasn't even asking so that she would let me rest on the couch. She just wanted me to play but I'm so tired and sore!

    On the plus side, we are going on a play date this afternoon so she'll get lots of playtime but I really try to avoid the TV as a babysitter thing.

    I am right there with you!
  • @serenamarr i feel the same too. Especially being a FTM and everyone knows I have no effing clue what i'm doing. I want to  feed her like a boss lady who knows what she's doing. Hoping i can do as much of it in private till i get the hang of it
  • Had my brothers wedding yesterday, and I am so sick of my grandma who is in town for it and only stayed with me two nights. I really wanna scream gah.
  • @SweetnessG I would feel the SAME exact way. That is extremely weird to me. The last thing I want is an ex in my life, don't care how good or bad things ended. Eek...sorry you have to deal with that! You certainly are holding it together better than I would because I probably would've flipped by now.
  • @kzeas01 if he didn't have a 9 year old daughter, I would have flipped already. I have told him in the past how awkward and uncomfortable it is. He does make every attempt to stop her at the door and to keep her from coming into the house, but she's crazy. If he tells her that it's not cool to come into the house, she will start acting like a two year old and take everything to the extreme. She's very dramatic for someone who is 40. She calls him to tell him about her doctors appointment. NO ONE CARES, LADY!!! Gah, it makes me crazy!!!! This isn't even the half of it, lol.
  • i think im going to get a breast lift once im done breastfeeding. i really hate my boobs. always have.
  • I cried on the toilet at work today. I'm spent.
    TTC: 1/2014 BFP: 9/24 EDD: 6/8/2015 Sorry for the poor man's siggy...ticker won't load regardless of how many tips I read.
  • I cried on the toilet at work today. I'm spent.

    I did this last week. I usually spend like 10 minutes on the toilet at work for alone time and rest. I feel guilty doing it anywhere else. Haha so sad.
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