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Breastfeeding two babies/ weaning the older one.

I have a 13 month old, Grace that I breastfeed.  I am also 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2.  I love breastfeeding my daughter but I want to wean her before 2 years old! Baby#2 is due when Grace is 17 months old.  Should I wean her before the baby comes so that she doesn't have to be weaned as I'm breastfeeding her sister?

I was thinking I would try and wean her around 15 months.. that way she has two months boobie free before the baby comes? What do you think? 

Re: Breastfeeding two babies/ weaning the older one.

  • Your breast milk will change during pregnancy and often causes your LO to wean them self.
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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of nursing two? It really is a personal choice, especially if you want your older child to be done at a certain point.

    I've heard of older nurslings stopping cold turkey for a variety of reasons during pregnancy and some nursing until the day of labor and then never again. I wouldn't entirely put all my hopes on your child stopping like that. I'm currently 26 weeks and my DS is still nursing for comfort at least three times a day. I wasn't 'planning' on nursing this long or even tandem nursing but I think it's going to be to stressful for both of us if we quit now. There are also some benefits to tandem nursing, it allows extra bonding with siblings, older can still have one on one time with you while nursing, and it can help with supply issues.
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    I love breastfeeding and the bonding time I have with my daughter. I'm not sure I will want to stop. It's going to be sad. She only comfort nurses twice a day.. First thing in the morning before work and in the afternoon when I first get home from work. Maybe Ill continue. Do you burn more calories/lose weight more if fandom nursing? I just thought having her stop would make it easier on her and the new baby.
  • Maybe a good thing to try the 'wait and see' game then, especially if you enjoy the relationship.

    Burning extra calories I'm not sure about, but it certainly is a possibility and wouldn't that be a great perk, haha!
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    lol Thanks! Yeah.. I lot of the plans for baby 2 are "wait and see." It's funny how things change from the 1st to the 2nd. 
  • Hi there! I'm glad I checked out this board, I've had this same concern. It seemed like my toddler weaned while I was pregnant but after baby the milk came in and he started to nurse again! Tandem nursing has had its ups and downs. I didn't think I'd ever do extended breastfeeding and here I am tandem feeding a newborn and toddler.

    The pros
    -I have a pretty good milk supply. I don't have to pump but I do anyway. I've been pumping a little extra to build up a freezer stash for when I go back to work.
    -I could definitely see how it can create a bond between siblings.
    -It also helps me feel a close bond with them as well.

    -Some days it feels like all I do is breastfeed. Like my day is centered around my boobs. Especially when I pump.
    -Sometimes positioning is challenging when feeding both kids at the same time. Seems like it's something I'd have to practice to get the hang of it.
    -There are nights when I just want to nurse one child at a time but my toddler doesn't understand that. So I end up with a cranky toddler or a fussy baby. Those nights are when I wake DH to help me out.

    So I just started when we brought LO home about 3 weeks ago. There are days when I want my toddler to wean but I know that having a sibling is quite an adjustment for him. He's about 20months old so he's not so good with his words and I know jealousy is an issue. I don't feel comfortable with just taking nursing away from him right now too. It's the one thing that helps him feel comforted and secure so to just stop nursing him would make the both of us sad.

    I'm going to see how this goes for maybe another 2 weeks to a month.
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