When people wIth no kids give advice

I'm a ftm with a 2 month old baby and lately I have been so annoyed by people that I know and don't know giving advice on raising my daughter. My sister-in law is 31 living at home, and doesn't have any kids but she always feels she has the right to give her input on something that involves my daughter. My daughters belly button was becoming an outtie and pediatrician said it would go in on its own. Her advice : why don't you put a stone on her belly button with a wrap to force it back in

Re: When people wIth no kids give advice

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    Ya Never KnowYa Never Know member
    edited May 2015
    Ignore, ignore, ignore. When DD was that age, we had all kinds of unsolicited advice from everyone we know, whether they had kids or not. The best way we dealt with it was just to filter out the crap. Your SIL can have her suggestions or opinions, but you should just laugh it off because I mean really? How ridiculous is the suggestion she made here? lol She's not raising your child, you are, so just filter that crap out!
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