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How did you ladies thank coworkers after your work shower? In my case I was given a bundle of small gifts but I think it came out of the Department budget, not anyone's pockets. I was thinking about making cupcakes tonight with little Thank You flags for everyone in our suite. Does that sound nice? 

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    I had a work shower with my first son.  The next day I brought in muffins and donuts and gave everyone that was on the card an individual thank you note.  

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    delujm0delujm0 member
    Depends on the culture at your office...standard where I work is a thank you email after the fact, so I went with that.
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    My husband was surprised with an outpouring of gifts (very generous giftcards) after our fourth baby was born from his new office this past winter. As a thank you he sent out an email stating that there was going to be goodies in the conference room and I made three trays of cupcakes, cookies, lemon bars, and a few other treats. I also had wrote a thank you to sit next to them. It went over very well.
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    I work at a school and almost every teacher in the building went in on the gifts. They were very generous....I am writing them all "Thank You" cards to appreciate them. It is a lot of work but I am so thankful for their love and support. 
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