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anxious about #2

hi there- just looking for reassurance as i am somewhat anxious about the arrival of my second. 

I breastfed my first and was able to do so for one year HOWEVER, she never took the bottle (despite me working 2-3 days per week).  It was incredibly stressful until she was able to drink from a cup and eat from a spoon.   I did introduce the bottle early (2 weeks) and she took it but then on the days I was home alone, I didn't continue it because it seemed like too much work to pump on days I was physically able to feed her.  then when it was close to the time for me to return to work, she refused.   during the days i was gone, she would take 1 or 2 oz maybe but would otherwise refuse. 

Anyway- now i am worried about what to do with number two...

i guess i am concerned about making sure this one can take the bottle but also I don't totally get how you are supposed to be able to pump and then also be watching your toddler at home as well?

I am really amazed by many of you and how you manage all of this.  
Any advice? what is the routine I need to get into? 
thanks in advance! 

Re: anxious about #2

  • I've been told to look up busy bags on Pinterest for keeping a toddler entertained while nursing, and snacks lots of them, haha.

    It must have been stressful for you to know your first wouldn't take a bottle. Is there someone else at home in the evenings that could help you prepare #2 for bottles? Maybe holding off until around four weeks and then pumping one bottle a day (or even every other) and letting someone else feed the baby. I would also suggest looking up the info sheet, 'Bottlefeeding the Breastfed baby' on and having your caregiver follow the guidelines might make bottles more enjoyable for this baby.

    Just remember every baby is different, you may not have any problems with this one :) best of luck!
  • Thanks so much @etayislove! Great suggestions and thanks for the reassurance!
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