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Skin products and breastfeeding

Possibly a stupid question, but I know you're not supposed to use certain products on your skin while pregnant (salicylic acid, retin a, etc.), but can you continue to use them when breastfeeding? Thanks!

Re: Skin products and breastfeeding

  • The only thing you should be using on your breasts/ nipples is lanolin or specifically formulated nipple butter (I use Mama Earth Angel Baby) when your breastfeeding. As far as lotions and what not, DS was sensitive to lots of things like perfumes, so I stayed away from everything but my face wash and coconut butter.
  • Retin A is a no no while Bfing per my dermatologist. Salicylic acid (esp in face cleaners) is fine for pregnancy and BFig. Such a small amt touches your skin, I never worried.
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