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Weaning and New Pregnancy

Hi everyone!  I just weaned my 9 month old son at the beginning of May. I didn't have any issues weaning because I had always struggled to keep my milk supply going. I just found out we are expecting again, yay 2U2! I took a test because after 3 weeks of not nursing and having no issues I woke up completely engorged out of the blue. I have never struggled with engorgement. I have so much milk and my breasts are so sore! Has anyone else dealt with something similar? Is the increase in milk from the new pregnancy or is it my body's last effort at nursing my current son? Any advice? 

Thank you!

Re: Weaning and New Pregnancy

  • That is extremely uncomfortable I'm sure, it's possible that the new hormones in your body triggered engorgment or the fact your breasts are probably still producing milk. Either way, taking a hot shower to relieve some pressure, deveining cabbage leaves and wearing them in your bra, and cold/hot compresses can help with the symptoms.
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